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6201 Kawaihae Place #D101
Honolulu, HI 96825

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How much is it to make an estimate?
We provide a free estimate.
 How do I know I can trust Bright Cleaning Services?
    Bright Cleaning Services is a professional company with satisfaction guaranteed.
Who does Bright Cleaning Services hire?
 Our goal is to perform our services effectively and quickly. Our professionals are trained to clean exceeding the highest standard.
Why should I choose Bright Cleaning Services?
We are a local, friendly business with a professional attitude and we will get the job done. We cover from homes to businesses island wide. We are one of the best cleaning company in Hawaii that offers an exclusive customer personalized service.
How much experience do you have?
We have been providing high quality service since 2003, that's over 10 years of satisfied customers.
Do I have to be home during a cleaning?
It's up to you since it's not neccessary.
What if Bright Cleaning Services miss a spot?
We always provide a through job, so we guaranteed it. If you find an area improperly cleaned or missed, you may contact us in 24 hours to schedule another appointment at no cost to you.
Do I have to provide equipment?
No. We come prepared with high quality equipment, but we are flexible to use your preferred tools.

What types of products does Bright Cleaning Services use?

We use environment friendly products that are family and pet safe. At your choice, you may provide your preferred products.